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The Mammals new album Sunshiner is available for Pre-Order. Official release is 4/20/18 but you can receive your copy sooner by ordering now. Thank you for supporting our release and touring effort - we are more than half way to our $25,000 goal. 

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1. Make it True 2. Open the Door 3. Culture War 4. Beautiful One 5. Fork in the Road 6. Doctor's 0rders 7. The Flood 8. Maple Leaf 9. Sunshiner 10. Stayin' Up Late 11. Lilac Breeze 12. My Baby Drinks Water 13. When My Story Ends 14. Big Ideas

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FEBRUARY 6, 2018 A spontaneous snowy THANK YOU video in honor of hitting 60 patrons on Patreon and clearing $1500 on our crowdfunding pre-order campaign.