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 Chonogram Album Preview by Peter Aaron April 1, 2018

Chonogram Album Preview by Peter Aaron April 1, 2018

 "A perfect confluence of folk and rock" - FolkWords April 8, 2018

"A perfect confluence of folk and rock" - FolkWords April 8, 2018

 Photo by Tom Krueger

Photo by Tom Krueger

 SONG PREMIERE: "Make it True" Feb. 14 2018   

SONG PREMIERE: "Make it True" Feb. 14 2018


VIDEO PREMIERE via BGS: Sunshiner. Mar 12 2018

March 28, 2018 Listen to Ruthy's interview with Laura Viers on the MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING Podcast a series of conversations with musician mothers. (Other episodes include Roseanne Cash, Carol Kaye, Rhiannon Giddens and more!)

Press Quotes. 

"A perfect confluence of folk and rock." - Folkwords, UK

"The Mammals' newest tune, 'Culture War,' gets right to the heart of the fight for the American soul." - No Depression

"'My Baby Drinks Water' is the best new folk song I've heard in years." - Unreal Bluegrass

“A string band at the core, The Mammals augment their sound with drums and electric guitar to create a collectively harmonized howl as thrilling and rocking as any band currently subverting folk traditions” - No Depression

"While rooted in acoustic music and lefty politics, these anti-war rants and personal reveries are updated with harmonic polish and smart, melodic twists that could equally appeal to a fan of Fleetwood Mac or Bonnie Raitt."
Philadelphia Daily News  

"The Mammals aren't the first band to mix an indie-rock sensibility with bluegrass sounds, but they're gradually becoming one of the best." - No Depression

"Combining a modern pop sensibility with organic musical honesty, you hear everything from string sections to claw-hammer banjo. The band's ability to unite disparate forms to create fresh amalgamations makes them special among the young bands trying to create "World Music." Although the Mammals' style is musically inclusive, it still remains a personal and articulate edge." - Vintage Guitar

"The Mammals are the finest young bluegrass/old-timey band in the country, the country-branch house band for the new weird America. They perform total energy, off-kilter folk that more resembles the twisted quirk of the Holy Modal Rounders than the clean jeans or alter-ninnies currently clawhammering banjos.
Michael Simmons - LA Weekly

“Dear Mike + Ruthy, Your Hoot was one of the best song gatherings I've seen in all my 94 years. I hope next year I can be there for more than one day.” - Pete Seeger

Quotes From Friends.

"Some of the best, most inspirational musicians I know just released this gem." - Lukas Graham on Culture War

"Oh man... the groove on this song is totally undeniable... Love the way Ruthy shows her soul with a side of rainbows." - Sarah Lee Guthrie on Maple Leaf

"Who ever said changing the world couldn’t be done by an indie rock song? Mike's play on concepts of environmentally conscious energy sources put a smile on your face, but sink deep into the thought patterns of our minds and we wonder how we can too become sunshiners…" - Sarah Lee Guthrie on Sunshiner

"There is always magic when you can get Ruthy up close and personal. Uncontrollable heart bursts are likely... may cause increased amounts of joy... has been known to cause raining eyes and lumpy throat syndrome... call a doctor if you experience lack of seeing them live near you!" - Sarah Lee Guthrie on Beautiful One

"Record sounds great! I cry every time 'Hey, beautiful girl...' starts." - Ani DiFranco on Beautiful One

"Ruth Ungar isn't afraid to dig deep into the soul and say out loud what most people choose to keep inside.  This song gets me right from the opening line with the kind of words we all think about but don't much talk about.  Ruthy sings with a gentleness and ease that invites you to sing along and maybe even say these things out loud yourself." - Caleb Klauder on When My Story Ends

"Is there a category of music called psychedelic Bobby Charles" - Marco Benevento on Big Ideas